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R. I . P daisy
So today is the saddest day of my life my good friend Showa- Sylvie is leaving DeviantArt my hart is broken a half of my soul is gone this beautiful day has been ruined I will miss her very very very very much she was the reason I have my DeviantArt page and she was and will remain a great friend She will forever live in my heart and memories goodbye my good friend I will miss you lots

And for you haters I hope your $&!?&@ happy you f?$&@" idiots you made my worst nightmare come true burn in hell you f?$@ Cowereds I hope karma bites you in your fat asses you all f?!$& suck 🖕🏻👎🏻⚡️🔥⛈☄️😡😤😾💩👿.

And for those of you who feel the way i do I'm sorry we will miss her and forever carry her in our hearts and memories let's us all take a moment of silence for our fallen hero and friend 😞😔😔🌫💔
My new cat
So remember that picture I took of the mama cat and kittens on Easter will we decided to take one! Yes he's name is vensent I'm so happy and having a cat again I really missed it
Welcome daisy
Ok so daisy actually graduated today I'm still so proud of her she is a really great friend

Welcome to grown up life daisy
Haley the litten
Pokémon: litten

Sex : female

Likes : her friends/ followers


Sweets except chocolate cake

Des likes : trolls: hot weather: salad: bad people
Abuse against women or children or animals SJWS
If it wasn't for my friend Daisy-Dictator I would not have a deviant art gallery. Her art work inspires me every day. I always look forward to seeing her new drawings. She is a good Deviant Art friend. She has done some pretty awesome drawings for me as well as for her other followers, but lately people have had the nerve to insult her, but thanks to me along with the support of her other followers she is feeling much better. 

And Daisy, if you see this I just want to tell you I will always be here for you and will always have your back!

Happy 2017!




United States


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I might do requests in the future, tell me what you want and I'll draw
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