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Me and my Pokémon world boyfriend kissing after he told me he was afraid to lose me

And trint being all salty as f#%!
Trint is my boyfriends in the Pokémon world romantic rival he's a dick and a perv he uses girls and sometimes guys to get what he wants he also insults my Pokémon world boyfriend he says things like she doesn't really love you she's just using you to get to me because it's me she really wants she thinks you too much of a girly pussy sweet guy for her one day she's going to leave you for me and we're going totally make out in front of you wall you Look on crying you f #%*! Eyes out because your little heart got broken when all he says is and will never be true
Got a pack of Pokémon sun and moon cards at target today and got to lunala GX cards I was like sweet it was one of those ones that came in a ten box
My boyfriend in the Pokmon world
Ok first of all I don't have a boyfriend in real life and secant of all I'm happy being single but in the Pokémon world however I do he's a shiny syleon named Hirohito he's sweet and loving and loyal and devoted he will do anything to make me happy like feeding me ice cream under a sky filled with stars shirtless he he he ummm huh don't judge meeeeeeeeee
Poor Hirohito
This just popped into my head
Hirohito and stalin and hitler have to share a room and poor Hirohito has to her Stalin teasing hitler
If it wasn't for my friend Daisy-Dictator I would not have a deviant art gallery. Her art work inspires me every day. I always look forward to seeing her new drawings. She is a good Deviant Art friend. She has done some pretty awesome drawings for me as well as for her other followers, but lately people have had the nerve to insult her, but thanks to me along with the support of her other followers she is feeling much better. 

And Daisy, if you see this I just want to tell you I will always be here for you and will always have your back!

Happy 2017!




United States


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